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FAQs about houseboating or about our houseboats for hire in SA

Detailed below are some frequently asked questions about Houseboats. If you have a specific questions that you don't see answered below, contact us and we will put your mind at ease.

River Murray

Houseboat Hire & Operation

River Murray

Q. What is the situation with the River's water level

The Unforgettable Fleet operate in the lower section of the Murray River, generally cruising between Murray Bridge and Swan Reach - a 270km return trip.

The section of river between Mannum (our base) to Swan Reach (200km return trip) is the widest and deepest section along the entire Murray.

This section also has the highest cliffs and the longest continuous stretches where these sheer majestic cliffs plunge directly into this mighty river and forms a spectacular contrast to the River Red Gums and rich wetland lagoons and backwaters that are generally opposite these very deep sections.

Irrespective of any droughts that frequently occur, this section is always guaranteed to have consistent water levels for houseboating and water sports for 2 main reasons:

  1. The natural width and depth that has evolved through millions of years creating an average depth totally unobstructed over this 220km stretch between 30 to 50 feet (10 to 15 metres)
  2. The control that SA Water (our state water authority) has to maintain a consistent 'pool' level through the lock and weir system South Australia has in place

So rest assured a houseboating holiday on an Unforgettable Houseboat (which draws less than 1 metre) in this most spectacular section of river will be just that...Unforgettable.

The following websites have further information regarding the Murray River system:


Houseboat Hire & Operation

Q. Why should I choose an Unforgettable Houseboat?

The Unforgettable Houseboats Fleet offers Australia’s most accredited and prestigious houseboats for hire combining quality, comfort, luxury and style. We have been awarded 21 Tourism Awards at Regional, State and National Levels.  We also were proud to receive the 2000 Australian Marine Industry Federation's 'Boat of the Year Award' with Unforgettable 4 being named "Houseboat of the Year."

Our backup throughout your entire trip is the key to our customer's satisfaction. No matter where you are, feel reassured that we can help you no matter whatever the problem.


Q. I've never driven a houseboat before, are they easy to drive?

Modern houseboats are surprisingly easy to operate. Our professional staff will explain the operation of your rental from bow to stern before you leave the marina and after your practical instruction you'll be on your way in confidence. It's that easy!


Q. Do I need a special licence to drive a houseboat?

A full car driver’s licence or boat licence is all that is required. The hirer must be over the age of 21 years of age.


Q. What if I need to contact you while we are away?

Base contact is available 24 hours a day by mobile phone or by using the two-way radio onboard the houseboat.


Q. What is onboard the boat?

Just about everything. Refer to the Final Checklist page for further information.


Q. What do I need to bring?

All you need to bring is your food, drinks, personal toiletries, CDs, DVDs, Videos, Binoculars and fishing equipment. Check out our Planning Tips page to give you some ideas of how to start your Unforgettable Houseboat experience.


Q. How do I make a booking?

Simply phone the Unforgettable office on 1300 761 721 to discuss available dates. Once you've decided on the date and boat that best suits your group we will make a tentative booking for you.

All that is then required is for you to pay a deposit of $600 to confirm the booking. This deposit is deducted off your hire fee and once this is made your final balance is due no later than eight weeks prior to departure.


Q. What do I do with my vehicle whilst on our houseboat holiday?

Free secure lock-up car parking is available at the marina. We have a separate car park for trailers and boat trailers for your convenience.


Q. Can I fish from my houseboat?

The River Murray is a fishing enthusiast’s delight! Sit back, cast your line off the back deck and be prepared to catch that elusive Murray Cod. The abundance of fish in the river, whether European Carp, Redfin or Callop will have you attending your line continuously.

Don't have any fishing lines? No worries! We also offer a full range of fishing equipment for hire at the marina. You do not require a fishing licence to fish in South Australia, however there are restrictions on returning fish to the River. For further information on fishing on the Murray River, click here!